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Str8 boy James - gagging to get fucked!

Sun 12th Jul 2009
James is a new face and only his second time with a guy; keen to experiment he is quick to get into Kallum’s boxers and is rock hard from the offset! Kallum fancies this young “newbie” and there is great chemistry; the kissing is quickly followed by Kallum trying to suck all of James’ fat cock and James is very keen to fill his own mouth with cock! Kallum is first to take cock, admitting its been a while, he sits down on James, unable to believe how big it is! James pumps away before Kallum is too sore for more and flips positions giving James one hell of a fucking considering its only his second time! Kallum pounds into James who is soon shooting over his body, quickly followed by Kallum who explodes cum all over James’s back!

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