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Blond Str8 hunk Liam - gives in and lets Kev suck and finger him!

Wed 29th Jul 2009
Str8 hunk Liam is feeling very horny today, lapping up the heat he seems to have forgotten he has a girlfriend back home! Liam strips down to his boxers and Kev steps into to rub him down with oil, Liam’s “boxers bulge” just seems to get bigger and bigger and as Kev slowly pulls them down you can see how much blood is pumping! Young Liam has a semi, verging on a stiff erection though he seems very happy to let Kev massage his big stick! Liam is very thick as well as long and after some wanking Kev looks up into Liam’s eyes asking for “permission to suck.” With Liam just smiling Kev goes in for the kill and is soon choking on Liam’s massive uncut cock. Liam just smiles and lies back and enjoys it though a little bit later surprises me by grabbing Kev’s cock and wanking it! Hormones racing, Kev cant hold back, he has been dying for over a year now to suck Liam and with his dream come true he erupts spewing cum all over Liam! As punishment Liam cums all over Kev’s head! Another str8 boy happy to have a little fun.

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