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5th Aug 2009 - New lad Harry - This str8 lads knows how to show off his body! - Harry Jackson

New lad Harry is just back from holiday so when he lifts up his shirt you can see his nicely tanned and toned body. He is all smiles as he drops his jeans and shows off in his boxers popping open the buttons on his boxers he then pulls them down to show off his un trimmed bush and lies around all chilled before touching his cock. Once he plays a little it comes up to a nice semi and as he pulls his foreskin back and forward its soon a nice hard on! Harry then stays rock hard as he moves around showing off his body. Not shy he shows off his crack almost hair free and looking like its waiting to be fucked! Harry lies back and wanks, cums and shoots everywhere, his first very impressive gush hits his mouth spot on! Another happy str8 boy!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot