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Str8 sporty lad Zack lets Kev have a play!

Sun 23rd Aug 2009
Str8 sporty boy Zack is stripping and playing in the sun and once naked he lets Kev rub on some sun cream and when Kev asks to rub some on his cock, Zack casually says “yeah mate!” Kev cant believe his luck and rubs way more sun cream on Zack’s cock that is required, though Zack is now semi and Kev continue to play with it til its nice and hard. Zack seems surprised he agreed to the massage, but in the end just enjoys his hand job! Zack then takes charge of his own meat and also shows off every part of him self including his slightly hairy hole. After a few more minutes wanking his uncut cock he sits back and dumps a nice big load of cum all over the deck an covering his hand and pubes!

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