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6th Sep 2009 - Str8 surfer Malc - a natural at showing off his body and big tool - Malcolm Troke

New Str8 boy Malc loves showing off his body, he smiles his way through a striptease, touching himself and slowly revealing more like a true professional. He allows his cock to part show and nearly burst out his boxers before he finally pulls them down and shows off his impressive uncut meat. He is large when soft with big dangly balls covered in a light fizz of blond hairs. He pulls back his foreskin and it triggers the blood flow, sporting a nice semi he grabs hold and plays and his impressive cock rises up and points to the sky. He is very rigid, his cock looks like steel and stays like this now as he plays away. Malc is not shy about showing off his hole and he does it perfectly looking like an innocent puppy shoving his hole straight at the camera. As his blood pumps you can see his hole doing the same! After lots of wanking he stands up and dumps a nice load of cum all over the chest!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot