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Hairy Rugby Hunk - with a hairy hole to match!

Sun 4th Oct 2009
New boy Bezza is a rugby player with a really hairy and muscular body, discovering that he likes showing it off! As he flops out his boxers you can see his meat has a nice extra dangly bit of foreskin and he is looking pretty big considering he is not even semi! Though once he begins to play with his cock it swells up to a real big thing, with a slight dip down off to the left! Bezza enjoys his wank and bends over to show off his hole is as hairy as his legs! After a bit of playing around he lies back and shoots cum and judging by the massive amount of flying cum in the photos he shot one massive load, all over his body, shoulders and bed! Another straight big shooter!

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Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body, cheeks spread