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4th Nov 2009 - Str8 hunks Liam and Zack playing with each other in the hot summer sun! - Liam James, Zack Elliot

Straight young hunks Liam and Zack are out in the summer sun, its as hot as hell and they are both likely to be sent there if their girlfriends find out about this shoot! Its so hot Zack turns on a cold water shower, jumps under and splashes around and the lads cant resist pulling down each others boardies. I tease Zack about wanking Liam; instead of resisting he reaches over and grabs Liam’s massive meat and plays with it, his first cock… well except his own! Liam’s cock was soft and after Zack gentle strokes its hard and pointing straight forward with a slight bend! Liam returns the favour and arouses Zack, who still cant believe he grabbed Zack’s cock! The lads bodies look great under the sun, dripping in water and sweat, very tanned, except two cute white asses with slightly hairy holes! Liam blows Zack, who is still wondering why he agreed to wank Liam and have his cock sucked, but he cant deny Liam gives good head and so just enjoys it. After a bit more playing the lads stand up and both shoot very big loads before washing each others off under the shower.

Tags: str8 lad duo, str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, outdoor, hot & sunny, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot