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3rd Jan 2010 - A very Ripped & buff Will Jamieson gets ridden by Tyler - A Very Greedy Newbie! - Will Jamieson, Tyler Martin

New lad Tyler doesnít know what he is in for; Willís abs are not only ultra ripped but his hips have been in training! The guys strip and suck each other, Will hardly able to believe how thick and long Tylerís cock is, he is hardly able to get half way down the big piece of meat, though Tyler seems to have no issues gobbling down on his favourite porn stars cock! They do some great 69íing with Will managing to keep his balance by holding on with his big toe! The fucking starts slowÖ well, for about three seconds and then Tyler just sits down on the whole of Willís impressive erection, gasps loud, eyes slightly water and he just starts riding it like he is riding the grand national! Here is a lad who loves to get fucked and the two of them manage about 6 positions without Willís cock coming out. The fucking is rough, deep and hard and Tyler is first to unload quickly followed by Will who drowns Tyler all over his face, in his mouth, hair and almost everywhere, Will just cums buckets!

Tags: sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, gay sex, cock sucking, action in underwear

Photographs from the shoot