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6th Jan 2010 - New boy Sean - loves nothing better than a str8 footballer up his ass! - Sean Hayes

Sean is tall and tanned with a mind full of fantasies about getting lots of str8 guys up his ass! In the end he strips off to reveal his semi aroused cock and nicely tanned body with a hint of hair and shoves a big dildo up his hole fantasising about a football team breaking down the door to his bedroom and being starved of minge for weeks they take it in turns to fuck his ass, cum deep inside and let the next lad have a go! So its fair to say Sean is loving the big dildo as he just closes his eyes and imagines a hunky str8 footballer! He really does enjoy fucking himself and the amount of cum he shoots all over himself and the sheets is proof he was just a little involved in his fantasy!

Tags: indoor, dildo fun, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot