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17th Jan 2010 - Playstation mad Jason - Fit bodied Str8 Ginger lad with a rock hard uncut rocket - Jason Berry

Red haired J was new in front of the camera, addicted to his play station we begin the shoot with him playing and he strips off all his clothes to reveal his lean and typical footie player body. He drops his boxers and you cant miss his hair colour but it’s a nice, not too in your face red! Still playing on his PS his foreskin comes back a little as a semi turns into a nice stiff rod of str8 meat! Jason has one of those cocks that sticks straight up when fully hard and you can see it bounce to the rhythm of his heart! He has the hardest cock and is still playing with is PS though after a little persuasion I persuade him to swap his console poles for another stiff pole that is waiting for the tight grip of his hand! J is very laid back and doesn’t look like you can ever rush him, but once he builds up a pace with his wanking you cant stop him; his balls tighten, one disappears and he shoots a real nice big load all over his abs and legs!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor

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Photographs from the shoot