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20th Jan 2010 - Matt Hughes fucks Str8 Lad Anthony - Though he is looking a little less str8 now! - Anthony Carson, Matt Hughes

Str8 lad Anthony is pretty new to modelling; this is his third shoot and just look at what he is doing! Sitting next to Anthony, most of you know him as Big Matt… I had mentioned to Anthony about stepping up a size and he said he was up for anything! So when he first saw Matt’s erection through his briefs he though we had stuffed something down there! When I said pull the end of Matt’s cock out and suck it, he didn’t waste any time and as soon as he tried to suck it he realised this one real thick piece of meat! Matt I believe has one of the thickest and longest cocks out there and Anthony has just discovered its impact on your jaw! Its just so fat you can not go too deep unless you have one of those double jointed jaws! Anyway once Anthony has semi mastered sucking it he gets Matt to slide into his ass, not steadily he asked Matt to just “put it in” as he thought it would be the best way! Once in he starts pushing back and the lads fuck real hard and Matt even pile drives his cock standing over his ass! Some hard fucking, Anthony still skewered spews a massive load, shot after shot, though when Matt pulls out, leans over, he covers Anthony with just one big load, squirt after squirt flies out of Matt so Anthony is covered all over his face and body! In terms of maintaining correctness, I think I will be needing to change Anthony’s sexuality to bi!

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Photographs from the shoot