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17th Feb 2010 - PT Jerry is back after 5 years - Big muscles, ultra hairy chest and a very hard uncut one! - Jerry Vale

We last saw Jerry some five years ago when he was 22 and back then he was pretty toned and muscular. Look at him today and he is 27, with very broad shoulders and massive biceps! He lifts his shirt off to reveal a mighty chest rug, just check out that chest hair! Jerry drops his shorts to show off his thighs have also grown many inches! Looking at what is stirring in his boxers something else has been growing and as they come down out pops his semi. Jerry hasn’t lost any of his ability to get rock hard and his cock is soon standing straight up pumping to his heart beat. Luckily today he isn’t too shy about showing his recently waxed hole, so you get a great view! What a contrast to his chest, lucky he waxed I think! After some more playing he sits down, tenses many muscles and shoots cum, not a few inches but from his cock to his neck and buckets off it nestling into all that hair. Wow Jerry hasn’t lost his ability to get very aroused showing off on camera!

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, indoor, hairy body

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Photographs from the shoot