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3rd Mar 2010 - Str8 lads Jon & Zack Strip each other naked... and end up cuming on each others abs! - Zack Elliott, Jon Saunders

It has been an interesting ride with Jon and Zack, two str8 lads very popular with the members; wanting them to do loads more than they want to do! This is one of those “lots of fun shoots” with many times stopping because of uncontrollable laughter! There is lots of physical interaction and when the lads pull down each others shorts its almost like the tension lifted and they almost wet themselves laughing. When the bright red briefs come off Jon’s cock goes from a little aroused to plenty aroused, this always seems to happen when he gets naked! Both guys are mad about fitness, so we put them through their paces with press ups and star jumps and its during the session “star jumps with hard-on” that the guys really enjoy the slapping around of their cocks! After all that exertion we have them show their asses, pulling their cheeks apart to reveals their virgin holes. After a bit more playing the lads shoot their cum on each others abs!

Tags: workout, underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad duo, muscle comparing, indoor, cock comparing, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot

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