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14th Apr 2010 - Str8 Personal Trainer Callum - Can you find one more cute, motivating and hard in all the right places! - Callum Stuart

You occasionally meet a Personal Trainer like Callum who is his own perfect advert; not only is he genetically lucky but he has worked hard to train his naturally athletic body and today he just cant wait to show it off to us all! He strips himself of his shirt to reveal his bulging lats and guns and as he drops his jeans its clearly visible there are other muscles a pumping! He has some great thighs from all his rugby training and drops his boxers to show off his perfectly formed and rather cute ass! Bending down reveals his almost hair free body has quite a lot of hair round places not much sun sees! A quick 180 and its quite obvious this red blooded male has a nice long piece of meat when its soft and when he touches it; it nearly reacts as fast as the Hadron Collider! One minute its all soft and floppy and the next its so hard you’d think it could explode! Though after Callum plays some more just look what happens, cum flies everywhere and look how much is on his face! Didn’t they close down the HC for a similar accident?

Tags: workout, str8 lad solo, indoor, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot