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28th Apr 2010 - Str8 Blond Hunk Liam Slams into Str8 lad Anthony - How turned on are these str8 boys! - Liam James, Anthony Carson

Str8 blond hunk Liam is standing next to Anthony… his hand reaches out and grabs hold of the bulge in Liam’s shorts! You cant miss this, Liam has the most massive erection and is one horny str8 boy seemingly always with a hard on! Anthony cant keep his hands off it and is soon inside his boardies, pulling them down and gobbling it up! Anthony’s mouth is very full as Liam is very thick and after a few minutes the lads manage to switch into a great 69 scene, two very hard cocks enjoying each others great head! Liam is soon pushing his very hard cock into Anthony’s hole who grunts and groans and manages to swallow the whole lot in just a few seconds! There are some great fucking positions as Liam’s rams his cock hard into Anthony’s ass and just look at those swinging plums! Some many fuck positions later and Anthony is squirting a real big load on his abs, Liam pulls out and dumps his own big load all over Anthony’s body!

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Photographs from the shoot