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20th Jun 2010 - Hayden Harris fucks his first ass - Justin gets it good and hard from Liam and Hayden! - Liam James, Hayden Harris, Justin Harris

In the hot summer sun Hayden, Liam and Justin tried a little sunbathing; though Justin cant keep his hands off the two str8 guys next to him and is soon feeling them up through their boardies! Justin dives into the lads shorts and pulls out a hard-on in each hand… his eyes are on stalks hardly able to believe what is happening to him! Hayden and Liam are as hard as steel and Justin is quick to gobble down on all this hard meat, switching between and hardly able to control his excitement. The two str8 boys pull Justin to his feet and pull down his boardies… strangely enough he is also very hard! The lads suck each other off before Justin slides a condom onto Hayden and quickly turns round and eases his ass onto Hayden’s cock! Virgin boy fucker Hayden gets into a great rhythm and pumps gently into Justin; he swaps position with Liam who slams relentlessly into Justin; Hayden swaps back now understanding Justin needs it harder! After all this fucking Justin spews his load all over the seat and his feet, Liam pulls out and dumps his load on Justin and 30 seconds later Hayden dumps a bog load all over Justin’s chest! Now how does that feel Hayden!?

Tags: str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy fucking, outdoor, hot & sunny

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Photographs from the shoot

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