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30th Jun 2010 - New Str8 Dad Markus - Lean, Blond Footballer with a Very Stiff Uncut one - Markus Johnson

Newbie Markus is a cocky young str8 dad with a cheeky grin and lean and toned footballer’s body on top of a great set of muscular legs! Once down to his boxers he puts on a great show of teasing before letting his uncut meat pop into view all nice and soft! He relaxes back on the bed and his cock flops down on his leg; though a few gentle strokes and his cock goes from soft to rock hard in the time it takes to count to ten! Markus has one of those cocks that when hard is real hard and it sticks straight up and slaps against his abs. His body has a light coating of hair, his legs are well hairy and his butt has a light sprinkling! When he spreads his legs his cheeks part and shows off his hole, nothing hidden! After a bit more playing he lies back and dumps his load on his abs. A very happy Markus, no longer able to have sex at home so enjoys a good hand job!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot