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28th Jul 2010 - Newbie James - Blond, Str8, Defined and Well Hung - James Bryson

James is not long turned 18 and is a str8 hunk who at first appears a little shy and its soon looking like he is quite enjoying himself! He strips off his shirt to reveal a smooth and well toned body with really good abs… and when his jeans drop to the floor you get to enjoy those hairy legs! His boxers show a curious bulge and James just lets a little bit show; though its looking like its pretty dam big and we are just seeing a tiny and teasy bit all carefully planned by him! His boxers come down a little and he shows off a long piece and as he drops them down you can see its not even semi! James has a nice long piece of uncut meat that he plays with real gentle just giving enough attention to pump up a notch. After some more playing his cock is pointing up and there it stays as he shows off the rest of his body; his legs are real hairy, his ass is pretty hairy and some serious play later he squirts a real big load; some excellent flying cum shots!

Tags: super cum shooter, str8 lad solo, outdoor

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