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1st Aug 2010 - Newbie Lucas gets his ass Rimmed & Slammed By Will Jamieson - Lucas Daniels, Will Jamieson

Well known model Will has his hands full tonight with newbie Lucas who has one of those innocent faces but looking at what he does he is a dirty little fucker and cant seem to get enough of Will! The lads are kissing in the sunshine and newbie Lucas drops to his knees and pulls down Will’s shorts and briefs and stuffs his semi into his mouth! He looks pretty good at sucking on a nice big cock and Will is soon going weak at the knees! The lads swap round and both show off expert cock sucking before Will lifts up Lucas’s legs, spanks his ass and fingers that “oh so looking eager” hole. Will wastes no time and slides in his massive uncut pole; Lucas breathless and unable to move once skewered on Will big piece! Will really slams into cocky newbie Lucas who seems to enjoy every pump; they swap round into some great positions… Lucas ending up on his back and shooting his load, Will pulls out and shoots his load in Lucas’s mouth! Wow what a break in!

Tags: rimming, outdoor, kissing, gay sex, cock sucking, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot

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