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New Str8 Hunk Andy - Tall, Tattooed, Ripped & Muscular - Wait til you see his Chopper!

Wed 4th Aug 2010
New Str8 hunk Andy is best mate with one of our other models; so the competition is one and Andy is quick to show he has a masculine and well defined body with a pretty hairy body and legs. A little bit of pumping and his body bulks up even more and when it comes to showing off in his boxers he is not shy about letting a little bit show! Though its not wonder because when he drops his boxers you cant miss one whopping piece of prime uncut beef! He is hung and what a cock, he loves to show it off, though he is almost shy once he gets a bit semi, I think he is embarrassed by its size! Andy pumps his cock up to an impressive 9 inch piece and its pretty fat also! In competition with his mate he relishes showing his hole, pulling it wider apart so you get a great view of his winking hole! After all this teasing you will need to hold on tight, as when Andy cums, he gushes; one of the best loads I have seen in years, all over him, the bed and the wall, quite a squirter!

Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125

Tags: super cum shooter, str8 lad solo, outdoor, indoor, cheeks spread

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