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11th Aug 2010 - Three Str8 Hunks - Liam & Hayden fuck Anthony's Hole! - Anthony Carson, Hayden Harris, Liam James

It’s a scorching hot day and the lads are soaking up the sunshine and their bodies are glistening with the hint of sweat! Though the good thing is when the sun shines, the hormones seem to pump round the body way faster than normal! Just look at Liam; a few photos in and he pulls down his boardies and his cock bounces into view, the thing is rock hard! Hayden is quick to follow and his meat is also pointing skywards! Anthony, last to reveal yanks his down and he is sporting a healthy semi! So the pace is quick, cocks are being sucked and it’s not long before Liam slams his fat cock into Anthony eager hole! He has gone from anal virgin to loving a big chunky one in a very short time and Liam is certainly slamming it in and out at great pace! Having ploughed the way he gives way to Hayden who slides in and he soon picks up a good pace, looking for a minute like he was fucking his g/f! Some great action later and Anthony is on his back, getting it from Liam and he explodes with flying cum everywhere; Liam pulls out and douses Anthony in another big load; second later Hayden covers Anthony in even more str8 jism! Three of the best cum shots I have seen in one shoot in ages!

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Photographs from the shoot

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