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15th Aug 2010 - Str8 Snowboarder Charlie has his 1st Anal Experience! - Charlie Shaw

Str8 lad Charlie has just come back from snowboarding in New Zealand and on his trip back to London he managed a week Dubai; proud of what a few days tanning has done he is keen to show off his body; since his last visit he has leaned very slightly so looks even more toned! As Charlie pulls down his jeans is evident he is excited and admits he hasnít played with his cock for a while as he has been away from his girlfriend! He squeezes and plays with it a little and pulls down his boxers to reveal an almost full hard-on! Charlie is excited today and after pulling around with his cock for a while he lifts up his legs to show off his slightly hairy hole and ends up rubbing his hole with oil and pushing a finger in, a little bit more playing and he slides in a dildo, not all the way, but managing about half the toy! Charlie stays rock hard through his anal experience, lies back and shoots a nice big load!

Tags: str8 lad solo, pissing, indoor, foot close-up / massage, finger fun, dildo fun, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot