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Str8 Hunk Hayden gets Sucked, Rimmed & Slams into Tom's Tight Hole!

Wed 25th Aug 2010
Str8 hunk Hayden is being chilling back when his balls gets squeezed through his jeans; Tom is looking very eagerly at the bulge in Haydenís jeans and before long pops open Haydenís jeans and pulls them down a little and gets an eyeful of cock as Hayden is commando! So Haydenís uncut cock is straight away in Tom very eager mouth and before long has swollen up to fill Tomís mouth! Hayden, having nothing to play with, undoes Tomís jeans and is soon sucking on a cock of his own! The lads do a little more oral, though this video, light on foreplay, soon sees Hayden slam his cock into Tomís tight hole! Though allowing Tom time to squeal he is soon loving Haydenís cock riding and pushing back for as much as he can get. The lads manage to move through quite a few positions without Haydenís cock coming out Tomís hole and when Tom gets it on his back he is given a right good pummelling! Some fucking later, Hayden pulls out and shoves his cock in Tomís mouth who lies back and shoots over his abs; Hayden kneels downs and dumps his load on Tomís abs!

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