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Str8 PT Callum - Loving the Sun on his Balls and Breeze up his Hole!

Wed 15th Sep 2010
Itís a hot sunny day, so we are not in England and Callum is all hot and horny and takes an outdoor shower under the olive tree. Itís a little cold for a few seconds though looking at how his cock pops up pointing straight at the sun then his hormones are pumping and the water has warmed up! Callum is always ready for action; pull down his boardies, let him have a little play and his cock springs right up in your face! He plays around with it and takes a few minutes to lounge around on a chair exposing his slightly hairy hole off to the sun and looking at his face he is loving the sunshine and light breeze blowing up his hole! Some playing with his stiff uncut later and long teasy exposures of his hole and Callum is sitting back on the chair, pumping his cock til his cock squirts loads of big streams all over the place. A straight lad happy to blow his load and suntan at the same time!

Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125

Tags: str8 lad solo, outdoor, hot & sunny, cheeks spread

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