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29th Sep 2010 - Hayden Harris - Both holes Rammed Full & he Stills cums like a Geyser! - Hayden Harris

Hayden is on another of his adventures; today he strips off and takes a shower, soaps up and cleans all crevices! After towelling dry he jumps on the bed lying face down… and a few seconds later someone has their hand up his towel and feeling his balls and pulling his cheeks apart to expose his hole! Hayden isn’t resisting and is soon pushing back opening wide onto a purple toy; his ass gets s good workout, a larger toy gets shoved up and a cock appears at Hayden’s mouth! He is soon stuffed from both ends and sporting a nice hard on, its looking very like he cant but fully aroused! So a little cock sucking later and his ass hole feeling well worked out he lies back and dumps one big load of cum, just check out the number of flying cum photos… some one got aroused!

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