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10th Oct 2010 - Str8 PT Danny - Gets a Full Body Massage - & What's that in your Hole?! - Dan Carver

Str8 PT Danny has gained in confidence since his last shoot so much so he is happy to strip down to his pink boxers, show off his body and before you know it slip in to some see through boxers and jump dace down on the bed for a relaxing massage! Danny has been training hard and his muscles are aching a little so at the suggestion of a body massage he is happy to lie down and have his muscles rubbed and massaged with lots of oil. The dirty masseur is soon pulling off Danny’s boxers and dripping some oil onto Danny’s cheeks; pulling them apart and rubbing the oil around, over and just a little teasingly into the hole! Danny enjoys his hole being explored; a little exploration later and Danny roles over and enjoys a cock massage; he is not just hard but his cock is pumping to his heart beat, loves having his foreskin played with and its not long before he lies back and dumps his cum over his abs! Another str8 lad enjoying a little hand!

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, str8 guy getting massaged, showering, oiled up, indoor, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot