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13th Oct 2010 - Hunky Str8 Fitness Instructor Jacob - The Fastest Riser on the site! - Jacob Cameron

New lad Jacob is a PT and today its his turn to come under the spotlight and show off his body; down to his boxers and it’s nice and smooth, muscular and nicely defined. When he drops his boxers he has one of those slightly hanging over foreskins and what is one second soft is 4 seconds later rock hard. Probably the fastest riser I have ever seen and when he is hard his cock gently bounces to his heart beat! He likes to play with his uncut meat, sometimes quite gently and other times with real speed. Jacob has one hairy part; his ass has quite a nest of hairs considering the rest of him is almost hair free. Some playing later and Jacob pumps his meat and squirts his loads up and most of it lands back on his balls and cock! Wow one aroused str8 hunk.

Tags: workout, underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, outdoor

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