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20th Oct 2010 - Matt Cardle Naked - Straight Hunky Essex Lad - Is that Matt from the X Factor?! - Matt Cardle

Matt is a fit bodied straight lad from Essex, slightly shy but confident in showing off his body! He strips down a little and he has that footballer body with hair in all the right places, big strong thighs and really hairy legs! Matt was nervous at the beginning though his cheeky smile becomes more frequent as he relaxes back and enjoys showing off his perfect uncut meat; he tugs at the foreskin to begin and as soon as he pulls the foreskin back and forward a few times he has a handful of pumping cock that sticks straight up! Luckily Matt is not shy about showing his ass and what a hairy one it is! After a great show he kneels down, pumps his cock and squirts loads of cum into the hairs on his abs! Another happy straight first timer!

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, indoor, hairy body, foreskin play, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot