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Straight PT Danny gets Blown by his 1st Guy & plays With Justin's!

Sun 21st Nov 2010
Danny is again following his devious path; Splashing around in the pool with Justin and as he gets out Justin pulls down Dannyís boardies and a nice semi pops into view! Justin then proceeds to take advantage of the situation and touches and rubs Dannyís body and his semi just gets more semi! Not a shy boy, Justin dives down and sucks Danny who is now at full mast stood on the steps of the pool! Justin just gets more devious and cant take his eyes off Danny or Dannyís cock out of his mouth! Danny gets all horny and plays with Justinís cock; Justin gets even hornier and bends Danny over for a right good rimming! So all this tension and its not long before Danny is dumping his load on Justinís chest; Danny hardly touching his own cock this shoot, he certainly has learnt how to let Justin take the lead!

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Tags: str8 guy getting sucked, rimming, outdoor, in water, hot & sunny, cheeks spread, 2 in 1 hand

Photographs from the shoot