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29th Dec 2010 - Matt Cardle shows off his Muscular and Hairy Body and Very Erect Uncut One! - Matt Cardle

Hunky straight man Matt Cardle was so popular on his first shoot that I invited him back for a little more! Matt has that husky voice and smile that makes him look so innocent though he isn’t too shy and innocent to not be proud of showing off his body! He has let his hair grow a little more so his pubes are well bushy and lots of hair all over the rest of his body and especially around his hole! Today he was happy to show that off even more and enjoys splashing around in the bath really teasing himself getting hard, letting it go down, playing with the foreskin and repeating this til he is at bursting point and spews a nice big load all down the mirror! You are almost fooled for a second he has an identical twin!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body, cheeks spread, bath

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Photographs from the shoot

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