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2nd Jan 2011 - Straight Muscular Lads Dan & Phil Showing off Their Massive Uncut Ones to each Other! - Dan James, Phil Jones

Two of your favourite straight guys agreed to have a play together and today you can enjoy hairy tennis ace Phil playing next to muscular footie ace Dan. The guys are not completely at ease and there is hardly a stray eye, though as the clothes come off then Phil’s eyes seem to go a wandering a little bit as he cops an eyeful of Dan’s massive uncut meat! These two are pretty much opposites about all they have in common is muscular bodies, though I did notice they both have oversized uncut cocks! Both came from steady starts through our other website and I was amazed they both did EL so its great to see them taking a little step into the unknown! There is lots of playing and every body part gets shown with some great competitive ass showing! After all the wanking Dan shoots a nice load first, quickly followed by a gooey and big mess over Phils abs and leg!

Tags: str8 lad duo, muscle comparing, indoor, cock comparing, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot