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Muscular Straight Stud Lance - In a Double Ender Experience!

Wed 26th Jan 2011
Lance is one of these straight guys who was born to entertain; he is chatty and slightly flirty when the camera is not on and point a camera at him and ask a few questions and the rest is what you see! He just pulls off his clothes and within about a minute of starting the shoot his cock is out, a very short time later it is hard! All Lance does is smile and laugh with his massive uncut tool waving around! So not wanting to disappoint I challenge him to show us something different; that he does as he pulls out a toy and pretty much shoves it right u p, a little moan and its back out; a bigger one is soon being pulled inside, he winces a little and pumps this massively long double ended dildo in and out eating must be 9 inches deep in side! So much excitement he is obviously rubbing his spot, close his eyes and moans and cums and groans! Lance what did you just do!

Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, dildo fun, cheeks spread

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