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27th Feb 2011 - Straight PT Danny Fucks His First Guy & Slams it into Justin! - Justin Harris, Dan Carver

As we looked to do a new shoot with Danny he hinted he wanted to do it with Justin again and was willing to try new things; so with Danny there is no need to get caught up in the details, you just get on with the shoot since we know Justin is probably going to push Danny more than we can! So the usual fooling around is quickly followed by Justin sliding a condom on Danny’s very hard erection and he wastes no time before jumping on top and going for a ride! He is one horny fucker is Justin and loves climbing onboard a straight boy to show him how hot a tight hole can be! Danny also learns to fuck like a rabbit as Justin tries to hover over Danny as he pumps Justin’s ass! Some great fucking for Danny’s first time in a lads hole and both of them dump admirable loads! Well done Danny!

Tags: str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy fucking, nipple play, indoor, action in underwear

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Photographs from the shoot