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27th Mar 2011 - Hands Up We Will Take Care of it! Dan’s First ever Man Handling! - Dan James

Straight sport hunk Dan does do much in the shoot today; it took a lot of persuasion and almost a year to convince him it would make a great shoot if he agreed to get a body massage and a few minutes of a cock massage! Well in the end it was a great body massage and as Zack brushed past Dan’s cock it just got harder and harder so Dan didn’t object to a few minutes of cock massage! Though the few minutes turned out to be the rest of the shoot and Dan doesn’t his big uncut cock at all in this shoot, wow! He also allows Zack to spread his cheeks and show off his slightly hairy hole! So some great cock massage later by Zack and Dan is breathing hard and squirts a nice big load all over his abs and the bed; an impressive explosion considering it’s the first time a guy has handled his cock!

Tags: workout, str8 lad solo, str8 guy getting massaged, oiled up, indoor, foot close-up / massage, cheeks spread

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