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10th Apr 2011 - Boxing Ace Josh Peters - Naked and Hard Exclusive - Josh Peters

Josh is a well known model and exclusive to EL you can get to not just see him naked but enjoy his whopping great uncut asset when its more than a tad aroused! A very fit bodied lad who has boxed and done martial arts for many years and just check out how his sport has shaped his body, ultra defined with great sized muscles. Josh shows off some of his boxing skills, to begin in kit and just check out his flopping uncut meat as he shadow boxes nude with his uncut one slapping against his muscular legs. He tries to play with his cock while still in his gloves, as ever with Josh he gets an instant hard on though wanking is pretty restricted in those gloves! Nothing goes undiscovered in this shoot and Josh puts on a natural show and just look how tense his legs are when he lies back seconds before he dumps a nice big load.

Tags: workout, str8 lad solo, sports kit, showering, pissing, indoor, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot

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