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Straight Muscular Pup Dan Fucks & Kisses for the first time! Lucky Sam!

Wed 13th Apr 2011
Dan has now been modelling for a while; this straight hunk has gone from the shy guy doing solos to todayÖ Now after he has been teased to death by Justin he gives in and goes for a big kiss with Sam. It is rare straight guys relax this much, many suck cock and fuck guys but it is rare for them to kiss so I hope you enjoy seeing Dan open up. Though its not just him opening up as he gives Samís hole a right good pounding, Sam hardly able to believe he has a straight hunk up his ass and is the lucky boy that gets his first kiss! So lots going on today, Sam gets so carried away he gobbles down all of Danís cum that shoots straight into his mouth! Two very turned on boys!

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Tags: str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy fucking, rimming, kissing, indoor, cheeks spread

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