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20th Apr 2011 - Newbie Jamie - Straight Young Footballer & What an Exhibitionist! - Jamie Tate

Jamie is a mate of one of our other models and the two of them came along to his shoot! There is a real naughtiness about these two; they both have wanked off in front of my camera and neither has told their family or friends; secrets, I guess, the world would be duller without them! Jamie slowly and very teasily strips down to his boxers and its not til his boxers come off that his mate decides to leave! There has been a great show and Jamie is as relaxed in his clothes as butt naked. Though he looks great naked, and his uncut meat flops around as he plays, though it is soon not able to flop as it sticks up rock solid and not able to flop! Jamie is great at showing off his body, even volunteering to pull his cheeks apart, there is no stopping this lad though luckily there is no need as he lies back and dumps a nice big load on his abs!

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, pissing, indoor, cheeks spread

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