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4th May 2011 - Straight PT Reece Fucks Justin and Sam - Justin Harris, Reece Farrell, Sam Berkley

In an unusually warm spell in early spring we managed to bring three of our horny models into the bright sunshine for our first shoot in the sun. The two gay lads, Justin and Sam are quick to explore the body of our straight PT Reece who doesn’t resist too hard and looking at how big the bulge in his boxers are, he has been looking forward to a good bit of head! Some great sucking is soon followed by Justin sitting on Reece’s cock who rides it with gusty while sucking on Sam! Lots of switching around and a really great chain fuck where Sam and Justin switch round at playing “piggy in the middle” as Reece didn’t want to! Its not long before Sam is getting fucked and dumps his load on his abs; quickly followed and drowned with the others two lads loads!

Tags: str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy fucking, outdoor, kissing, gay sex, cock sucking, chain fuck, action in underwear

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Photographs from the shoot

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