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22nd May 2011 - Justin & Fraser Flip Flop in a Wild Sex Session! - Justin Harris, Fraser James

We thought we would let Justin do something different today; have sex with a fellow gay lad since he nearly always gets to play with straight boys! Fraser and Justin are keen to get their hands on each other and are quickly sucking each other in a 69 on the bed. Lots of kissing and sucking later and Justin fucks Fraser with some great and more unusual positions before he takes up his usual position and sits down on Fraser’s cock. Fraser fucks him hard and the two lads get in a great position with Justin lying on top of Fraser who fucks him vigorously from below and it is not long before Justin shoots one massive load all over his chest, abs and the bed! Fraser pulls out and shoots his own load on Justin! Wow quite a workout.

Tags: sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, gay sex, cock sucking, action in underwear

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Photographs from the shoot

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