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5th Jun 2011 - Straight Model Josh Peters - Gets His First Man Handling! - Josh Peters

Josh is getting ever more devious by the day at present; today it is “hands up, don’t worry we will take care of it!” Josh is soon stripped down to his boxers and jumps on the bed waiting for his stiff shoulders to be massaged, has abs are next and then his boxers come off and his cheeks are given a good workout. He rolls over and gets shoulders abs and legs given some treatment then Zack slips and dollops oil on Josh’s cock and he is happy to let Zack rub it in. A little gentle teasing and Zack’s hand is soon full of a growing Josh, whose uncut cock is soon throbbing hard as he lies back and enjoys getting wanked off by a guy for his first time. Josh then takes charge for the last 10 minutes and wanks off dumping a big load of cum on his abs.

Tags: str8 lad solo, str8 guy getting massaged, oiled up, nipple play, indoor

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Photographs from the shoot

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