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19th Jun 2011 - Straight Tough Nut Paddy O'Brian - You mess with me & I’ll cum in your hand! - Paddy O'Brian

Paddy has made quite a splash round the world since we introduced him to adult entertainment; all man Paddy takes one giant leap for himself as he agrees to be a very naughty boy and do nothing in this shoot! Though before doing nothing he does strip off down to his boxers and jumps up on the bed and lies face down and smiles as he enjoys getting a back massage! Some massaging later and Paddy is still doing nothing as his boxers come off and his abs get massaged and his legs and his cock gets nudged around. Paddy still does nothing, his cock gets massaged and its soon full and hard and gets gently massaged some more! Still Paddy does nothing; though soon he contributes and shoots a nice big load of cum. A happy lad hardly able to believe a guy was manhandling him and was able to make him cum! Well done Paddy we hope you continue to surprise us!

Tags: str8 lad solo, str8 guy getting massaged, oiled up, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot

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