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29th Jun 2011 - Two Fit and Spunky Lads - Newbie Darius gets Broken in by Justin in a Great Flip Flop - Justin Harris, Darius Fernand

Darius arrived and everything he said and did seemed a little innocent at the start; though the more the shoot went on I was beginning to think he is just as devious as Justin! When I first met Justin he was a little shy and that is just how Darius comes across, though then you realise as you get to release the lads natural ability they are just the most perfect models. These two strip and wank and suck and get to fucking as fast as I just wrote this sentence! Justin, unusual for him begins as the active boy and enjoys fucking Darius who is a great rider before they switch and Justin shows he to is a pretty good cowboy! Lots of fucking in the sun and Justin squirts first and Darius quickly follows drowning Justin’s face in his cum!

Tags: outdoor, nipple play, kissing, hot & sunny, gay sex, cock sucking

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