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25th Sep 2011 - Brothers Jay and Oli Hall Drop in & Show us What They do at Home all the Time! - Jay Hall, Oli Hall

Brothers Jay and Oli, now since we introduced both lads onto the site many of you wanted to see them together; so much persuasion later we bring these young hunks together and how much fun can brothers have! It is all quite calm and normal at the beginning, the usual cheeky banter and performing but once down to the boxers the excitement shows! Both lads have raging hard ones making a massive bulge in their boxers. Boxers off and the brothers are stood in front of me, standing to attention, occasional glances and nervous smiles as they both grab and decide to have a little wank! From the minute the lads are naked they have a lot of fun, teasing each other and not afraid to check each other out. Lots of wanking later and the lads shoot cum Jay covering himself and Oli a little gentler! Wow I think they both enjoyed that a little too much!

Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad duo, muscle comparing, indoor, hairy legs, cheeky banter, cheeks spread, brothers

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