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26th Oct 2011 - Muscular BodyBuilder & PT Niall - Not Just Muscular but Over Proportioned Where it Counts! - Niall Horin

Young Lad Niall has been a Personal Trainer for a couple of years and has been building up his body so he can take part in a few bodybuilding competitions! So he is used to showing off his body wearing very little and this over sexed young man is only too happy to drop his briefs and pup up his cock into a throbbing rod of iron! His body is almost hair free, a little on his legs and just a few curly locks round his hole, which he is happy to show off and tease with his finger! Niall has a muscular body and equally over proportioned cock that he wanks off vigorously and after lots of hand action shoots a nice big load over his abs! A happy and cheeky young lad now happy his nuts are unloaded!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, finger fun, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot

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