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16th Nov 2011 - Muscular Footie Player Jude - Tall and Built Long & Uncut! - Jude Robinson

Jude was introduced to us through another of our models and when he arrived he said he was looking forward to the shoot, saying he was slightly nervous but he quite liked the idea he was going to strip off and wack around with his cock! You cant miss Jude at 6’4, shirt off and its obvious he has been on holiday, jeans off and you can fully appreciate this tall lads body! A nice mix of leanness and muscle and when he drops his boxers he flops out an impressive uncut cock, that as soon as he touches it there is a quick response, barely a touch and his well sized soft one rises up to an erection of powerful proportions! Jude enjoys playing with his cock, showing his ass and spurting cum over his abs!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, foreskin play, foot close-up / massage, cheeks spread

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