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7th Dec 2011 - Rugby Stud Jon Saunders Drops in For Some Water Sports & to show off That Uncut Rocket! - Jon Saunders

Jon was one of our very popular straight lads and its been a while since we have seen him so today he comes and plays around in the bath and introduces us to his twin; or is that just a reflection! Teasing us at the beginning he begins just wearing some white footie shorts, which when wet cling nicely and as ever with Jon once the attention shifts to his uncut cock it goes from soft to rock hard in just a few seconds! He pulls it out his shorts and shoves his rock solid cock in our face! Jon does a great job at wanking next to the mirror and it gets to a point where he seems to be getting turned on by the reflection! Back in the bath he gets nice and wet and he shows off his dripping hole and it doesn’t take much more wanking til he shoots some straight lad cum all over his abs!

Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, in water, hairy legs, hairy body, foreskin play, foot close-up / massage, cheeks spread, bath

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Photographs from the shoot

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