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18th Jan 2012 - Straight Hunk Jude Massaged & 1st Time Wanked by a Guy! - Jude Robinson

Jude is one of these straight lads who came across all shy and the more we do with him the more outgoing he becomes and the more easily he gets aroused! I think there is something about having a straight guy on the edge of his comfort zone, they trust what we do with them and relax and with Jude he is now so relaxed I am not sure he is ever going to wank off his own cock again! He gets a deep muscle massage and the minute some oil gets spilt on his cock, up it goes, maybe in anticipation of him being such a bad lad by letting a guy wank him for the first time! Anyway he does a great job at lying back and let someone else take hold of his very hard uncut cock. He does such a good job he spews loads of sperm, so think he enjoyed his first guy touching his cock a tiny little bit!

Tags: super cum shooter, str8 lad solo, str8 guy getting massaged, indoor

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Photographs from the shoot

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