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Straight Geezer Paddy O'Brian Fucks, Kisses & Uses Newbie Brandon's Ass Til He is Satisfied!

Wed 13th Jun 2012
When you pair a gay newbie with a straight geezer it is hard to predict what might happen; one is in awe of the other and one is need of hole! Paddy is on great form and having fucked quite a few of our models is now looking to push his boundaries; Brandon is surprisingly confident, yet within a minute of starting the shoot amazed at how fast Paddy is driving it all forward. Paddy pushes Brandon down to suck his cock, lets him pop up for air, just occasionally, then pushed him down onto the bed and pushes his big fat cock fast into Brandon. Short of breath and panting and whimpering, Brandon never quite catches his breathe as he is used and abused by Paddy who fucks likes he never before. Occasional tender moments of kissing, though fucking comes first and Brandon is flipped onto his back and is shooting a big wad of his cum all over his abs; seconds later Paddy pulls out and squirts many times over Brandon. Wow, Paddy.

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