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Personal Trainer James Branson - Tall, Muscular, Tanned, Ripped & Hung - Do Men Cum Much Better!

Sun 15th Jul 2012
We havenít seem James for a while, he is just back from holiday, certainly wasnít in the UK looking at his colour, he is tanned and toned and as muscular as ever and today with dollops more confidence. I guess the break and the sunshine has made him even more horny and he said he has been so busy he hasnít had a wank for five days! I had a job keeping him in his clothes, he was groping his cock from the beginning and was happy to flash some cock within seconds of starting the shoot! So James enjoys himself, shows off his muscular and strong frame and check out that cock, looking larger and more erect than ever. He pumps is hard and dollops a nice load on his abs. Wow, donít you love undersexed Personal Trainers!

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