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18th Jul 2012 - Three Straight Hunks in The Sunshine - Rich, Chris & Tyler & Loads of Testosterone! - Tyler Hirst, Rich Wills, Chris Little

Three straight hunks outside in the hot sun in Spain and with this model combination you are in for some hot and fun action. It all begins pumping when the lads pump some iron, Chris struggling to look as composed as the other two muscle hunks; he might not be able to pump as heavy weights, but he has developed quite a talent for sucking cock and Rich especially cant get enough of crafty Chris’s magic tongue! Tyler and Chris swap around sucking cock and kissing, Rich looking away, can’t believe what he is witnessing! Lots of fun in the sun, cock fighting, cream cock sucking, straight boy testosterone in abundance, all ending with three cum shots within seconds of each other!

Tags: wanking, toned body, three sum, tease, str8 lad group, str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, outdoor, muscular body, hot & sunny, extra big cock, defined body

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